Even our WiFi welcomes you back!

Free centre wide WiFi is now available at Brickworks Marketplace!

To access the FREE WiFi at Brickworks Marketplace follow these steps:
1. Ensure that the wireless signal is activated on your smart phone or laptop.

2. Go to the wireless network list in the setting on your device.

3. Select '@ Brickworks Marketplace free WiFi' from the wireless network list. Connect to this network.

4. If this is the first time using the Brickworks Marketplace free WiFi, a web browser page will open.

5. On the welcome screen you will be prompted to enter your details and accept the Terms and Conditions to access the free centre wide WiFi. The Terms and Conditions must be accepted before you can use the service.

6. Once you have entered your details and accepted the Terms and Conditions, your free WiFi will be enabled. Your free service will be enabled whenever you visit Brickworks Marketplace.

Just another way that Brickworks Marketplace is making your shopping experience even more convenient!